Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Advances in Microbiological Safety Cabinet Technology

Over recent years there have been rapid advances in microbiological safety cabinet design. As well as seeking equipment which is compliant with all relevant safety standards, users are increasingly requiring a number of advanced features, better to meet the demands of their labs and facilities.

Tecomak supplies and installs products from EuroClone, one of the leading European companies in this field. Its cabinets use the latest design developments to give a high level of protection and performance. Here is a look at some of the advances in technology which are benefiting users of the latest models.

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State-of-the-Art Protection: This is the most important consideration for any user of a microbiological safety cabinet, since you want to be sure you are getting the highest levels of safety. EuroClone's MSC models have a whole list of advanced design features to give operator, product and environmental protection.

For instance, the S@feMate ECO Class II Safety Cabinet has an electrical sliding sash which is both air and aerosol-tight. The S@feFlow Class II MSC also features this type of sash, as well as a dual skin configuration to provide optimum containment efficiency. Both models offer highly stable airflow and have numerous inbuilt safety features. For full details, look at the product specifications on the main Tecomak site.  All EuroClone cabinets supplied by Tecomak are certified? as fully compliant with various official safety standards, underlining their quality and reliability.

In-Built Monitoring: When choosing a safety cabinet, one factor to consider is the level of integral monitoring, ensuring consistent performance and giving early warning if anything goes wrong. A user-friendly system for monitoring performance is built into the S@feFlow from EuroClone. This model features a control panel with a 15cm screen, which constantly monitors various aspects of performance, including filters and UV lamps, as well as logging data. This cabinet range also has multi-level alarms and an emergency power supply.  

Energy-Saving Features: Demand for eco-friendly design in laboratory equipment, including safety cabinets, is growing. This is partly because of the increased awareness that all companies and institutions need to build environmental responsibility into every aspect of their operation. Energy-saving equipment is also in demand because it helps to cut running costs.

The S@feMate ECO is built for low energy and heat output, with the latest power-saving motor blowers.  Another aspect of these cabinets' design is the fact that they are built to ensure easy cleaning, with smooth internal surfaces and an easily removed stainless steel work surface. As well as being important in its own right, cleanability saves time and is a part of energy efficiency.

Ergonomic Design: There is now increasing recognition of the benefits for staff safety and productivity if people are able to work comfortably. This means that ergonomic design is seen as a priority for many types of equipment, including safety cabinets. The S@feMate ECO's ergonomic features include a sloped front to ensure comfortable access, in addition to good lighting of the working area via side windows. The S@feFlow can be used with an advanced electronically-controlled lift support stand, making it possible to adjust the work surface to the correct height for any user.

Lower Sound Levels: As with ergonomics, reduced noise in the laboratory helps to create better working conditions and so boosts both safety and productivity. Both the S@feFlow and the S@femate ECO have inbuilt “Silence Within” technology to keep noise to a minimum. The S@feFlow is tested and certified as having a noise level of below 53 dB (A), while for the S@femate ECO the level is less than or equal to 55 dB (A) with the aperture fully open.

Meeting Specialist Requirements: Specific applications may require specialist safety cabinets with a range of additional advanced features. Tecomak supplies the Embryos@fe i-REF  Series microbiological safety cabinet for IVF facilities. Its many high-tech features include built-in microscopes, an integral LCD monitor, heated built-in work surface and sample glass stage.

Another specialist product is the S@feMate Cyto Class II Safety Cabinet, offering specific protection for work with cytotoxic drugs, with its design including three HEPA H14 ?lters and a bag-in/bag-out system of replacing filters. This avoids the risk of either the engineer or the environment being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Tecomak engineers constantly undergo training and keep up with any changes in the industry and the regulatory framework, as well as the latest advances in microbiological safety cabinet technology. This means you can be sure of compliance with all the regulations relevant to your sector. As well as installing cabinets configured to your specific needs and requirements, we provide an expert maintenance service.

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