Saturday, 10 October 2015

Which Laminar Flow Cabinet is the Right Choice for Your Workplace?

A laminar flow cabinet provides “clean air” for a sterile production area in a workplace, ensuring an airflow in one direction and at a consistent speed. There are two different types of cabinet, or “clean bench” available, providing horizontal and vertical flow. Both protect processes, while vertical laminar flow cabinets can in addition be used to provide operator protection.

Whether you require an HLAF or VLAF cabinet, Tecomak are expert suppliers and installers of this equipment, providing products manufactured by leading European company EuroClone. Before deciding which cabinet is right for your facility, you need to look at various key factors, including the type of application and layout of your production area or laboratory.

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Type of Application: There are various different types of application and facility where clean production is needed. In these areas, a horizontal laminar flow cabinet, such as EuroClone's class-leading Aura HZ, could be suitable. This type of cabinet is used in sectors including electronic and micro-electronic manufacture, pharmaceutical and medical production, and many other areas of industry and scientific research.

There are also other types of application within these sectors where more operator protection is needed, for instance because of the types of materials concerned, and in these cases a vertical or downflow cabinet is likely to be preferable. The Aura Vertical SD4 closely resembles a microbiological safety cabinet in its design, and so provides a very high degree of protection for operators as well as for production and the environment. Both the Aura HZ and the Vertical SD4 meet requirements for use in a GMP Grade A environment.

In addition, specialist cabinets are available for some applications, such as the EmbryoS@fe 100 IVF VLAF cabinet. This is specifically designed for working areas where IVF processes are being carried out, and provides an ISO5 working environment, with features including built-in microscopes and microprocessor control.

Laboratory Layout and Available Space: It may be easier to use a vertical cabinet if space is limited, because an HLAF cabinet will require more clearance and floor space than a VLAF. Other considerations in choosing a direction of flow include how the work surface has been designed and where the process is located within the facility.

The EuroClone range includes the Aura Mini, a VLAF which is especially suited for facilities where space is limited. This model is a partially recirculating downflow cabinet designed to give both product and operator protection. It has many of the same features as the larger models in the Aura range.

Reliability: Whether you choose horizontal or vertical laminar flow benches, you will want to be sure that you are getting the highest level of protection and meeting all official standards. This is essential not only to ensure regulatory compliance, but also to be sure that your products are of the highest quality in order to satisfy clients or customers.

It is therefore important to choose equipment made by a leading manufacturer and certified to meet the highest standards. EuroClone has more than four decades of experience in manufacturing this type of specialist product. Its laminar flow benches all have high technical specifications and conform to the relevant regulations and guidelines.

As well as choosing a reliable manufacturer, it is equally vital to find a company with a good reputation and wide-ranging experience of contamination control to install your clean benches.  Tecomak is highly experienced in this field, with all the expertise you need, and can advise you on which type of cabinet is suitable for your particular requirements.

Advanced Features: When deciding on a laminar flow cabinet , it is likely you will be looking for a number of desirable features. These include high-quality components, including filters and fans, and a design which minimises noise and vibration. In-built monitoring systems, alarms and failsafes to ensure consistent performance are also important. You may also want to check whether accessories are available, such as support stands and UV lights. EuroClone's cabinets fulfil all these requirements, using the latest technology to give the highest quality and reliability.

As an expert provider of specialist ventilation services, Tecomak not only installs VLAF and HLAF cabinets, but also provides maintenance,  servicing and compliance testing.

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