Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Technology: Advances in Protection

Recent years have seen a major expansion in demand for clean-air technology, partly due to the huge advances in the field of micro-electronics. The many products being manufactured in this field require clean production conditions, which can be achieved by installing a horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinet. At the same time, there has also been a growth in pharmaceutical and scientific applications needing a clean-air environment.

Technology in this field has made rapid advances to meet user needs and to cater for the increasing range of applications where a VLAF or HLAF cabinet may be used. Tecomak Environmental Services supplies products from EuroClone, which is at the forefront of designing more advanced cabinets. All the clean benches they produce not only meet all relevant guidelines and standards to ensure compliance, but also have additional features to provide users with the highest quality equipment.

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High Performance: Consistent and guaranteed quality is essential in all the types of application where clean production is needed. For instance, in the case of micro-electronics and components for precision machinery, even a low level of contamination from dust or particles in the atmosphere can affect the production and mean the equipment being manufactured will not be fit for purpose.  A flow of particle-free air is equally essential for production of medicines and drugs in pharmaceutical labs.

Any companies or institutions choosing a EuroClone laminar flow bench can be sure that the equipment will give high performance together with reliability.  The Aura Vertical SD4 vertical laminar flow cabinet and the Aura HZ horizontal laminar flow cabinet both meet the BS EN ISO 14644 standard, meaning they provide Class 5 air quality to meet the GMP Grade A requirements.
Both types of cabinet contain H14 HEPA filters giving full compliance with the EN 1822 standard, while for the Aura HZ there is the option of the U15 ULPA grade.

Enhanced Protection: Anyone looking not only for product protection, but also for advanced operator protection, will find that the Aura Vertical SD4 VLAF cabinet offers this, since its design is almost the same as that of a microbiological safety cabinet.  This means it is suitable for workplaces where a biologically clean atmosphere is needed.

Monitoring Performance: It is essential to be sure that laminar flow benches perform consistently, and this means there is a need for in-built alarms and monitoring equipment to ensure the airflow is constant. Both the Aura HZ and the Aura Vertical SD4 have a control and alarm system including an easy-to-read display of air speed value. This is equipped with a control panel and includes both visual and sound alarms, which raise an alert in the event of any problem with either the air speed or the condition of the filters.

Helping Productivity: Ergonomic design can help to create better working conditions and so encourages greater productivity, as well as being an element in operator protection. The Aura SD4 and Aura Mini both feature a sloped front which has been ergonomically designed to ensure greater comfort. Also, both the horizontal and vertical flow cabinets in the range come with a support stand which is fully height-adjustable and includes a foot rest. All the Aura cabinets also contain the latest fans, keeping both noise and vibration to a minimum, which is another help to workplace comfort and productivity.

Making Maximum Use of Space: Some facilities have limited space, but still need quality clean air systems and high performance. The Aura Mini's space-saving design achieves this, and it is available in different configurations as required, with inward and outward air barriers to provide operator and product protection. Like the larger models, it also has an integrated alarm and control system.

When you are looking for a horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinet, you will want to find a manufacturer and supplier who are reliable and who use the latest technology.   Tecomak is an installer and supplier which has been operating in this field for many years and has a proud reputation. We are the chosen supplier for EuroClone, a well known and highly regarded manufacturer whose reputation for quality is known across Europe. Tecomak provides a comprehensive maintenance service and will advise you on any changes and upgrades you may need in the future.

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